IRREGULAR | Indi By Kishu Baby | Pom Pom Bib Set

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IRREGULAR – Our Indi By Kishu Baby Pom Pom Bib Set is normally exclusive to Amazon. These girl bibs are factory made in India. 100% Organic Cotton Muslin (exclusive of trim). These “irregular” bib sets were part of our “first run” which never made it to the Amazon warehouses due to faulty trim. After washing we found that the pom pom trim easily frays (similar to a cotton ball that you can pull/stretch with your fingers). While the fraying is not terrible, it was bad enough in our opinion that we decided not to sell them on Amazon.

If you are interested in our “second run” where the pom pom does not fray, you can find a perfect set on Amazon for $31.99 here.

3-Pack includes Smoky Peach with Ivory Pom Pom Trim, Lavender with Ivory Pom Pom Trim, Ivory with Powder Pink Trim

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