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What is the difference between Kishu Baby and Indi By Kishu Baby?
Our Kishu Baby products are handmade in California from premium imported Japanese muslin and sold here on, etsy, and through various wholesale accounts. Indi By Kishu Baby is our all organic Fairtrade and GOTS Certified line extension that is beautifully and ethically made in India and sold on Amazon, and Faire (for wholesale accounts).
Why does this bib fit tight around my baby's neck?
Our kishu bib is one size fits most and has 4 KAM snap closures for a 3-way adjustable neck size. For babies who are not very active yet (crawling/standing/walking), our bibs may fit snug because of all that extra cute baby fat. As your baby grows and becomes more active, his or her neck will actually become thinner and our bibs should fit beautifully! Muslin fabric will also sag/stretch over time. With the snap closed, simply pull on the bib with your finger to stretch it a bit before putting it around your baby's neck.
Can I machine wash them? Will they shrink?
Yes, our bibs are machine washable. Our Kishu Baby bibs are made from premium 100% cotton muslin imported from Japan. Not only is muslin fabric super soft, but it gets softer every time you wash it. Please keep in mind that 100% cotton muslin will shrink 8 to 10% on average. If your bib shrinks more than expected, please note that muslin will sag and stretch over time. With the snap closed, simply pull on the bib with your finger to stretch it a bit before putting it around your baby's neck. Regarding our Indi By Kishu Baby organic bibs, they are pre-shrunk and will only shrink approximately 2% over many washes.
Why does this bib look small on my baby?
Our bibs are intentionally sized smaller than most other bandana bibs on the market. If you are looking for an oversized bandana bib that fully covers your baby from neck to waist, this is not the bib for you. Our bibs are tastefully sized and look proportionate to your baby's body size when worn.
Can I use as a feeding bib?
We won't try and stop you but we don't recommend using it as a feeding bib at meal time. Our kishu bibs are primarily a fashion accessory. As for function, it works best as a dribble bib for teething babies and as a nursing bib. You can also use as a wipe cloth and burp cloth.
Which payment methods are accepted?
PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, UnionPay, debit cards, and prepaid debit cards.
How will my item ship and when can I expect to receive?
We offer LOW SHIPPING RATES starting at $3.75 Domestic and $6.75 International. We ship USPS First Class or Priority Mail. First Class arrives within 2 to 4 business days in most cases. Priority Mail: 1 to 3 business days. For First Class International, delivery time varies based on destination. Please note that your First Class International delivery time can be as long as 21 business days in some instances (your package can also be held in customs which delays your delivery time even further). If you are in a rush to receive your item, you will need to choose Priority Mail International which is 6 to 10 business days on average.
How do I go about returning an item?
We accept most returns but please read our Return Policy first to see which items we accept and which ones we don't.
Are there any safety precautions for your products?
Yes. Always remove bib before bedtime or nap time. Do not leave child unattended while using bib.


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